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    Industry Focus Magazines are leading, bi-monthly business-to-business publications advising our readers of the latest developments in the business world by meeting and networking with people from a variety of sectors, including Oil & Gas, Construction, Marine & Logistics, Mining and Minerals and Renewable Energies.

    The main objective of our publications is to serve as a central, innovative and informative platform between businesses and industries. At Industry Focus Magazine, we believe that by synchronising our collective business intelligence, cultures and aligning common strategies, visions and business goals between various sectors, together we can grow in knowledge.

    Industry Focus Magazines are published bi-monthly and, through our high-quality content, we aim to educate, advise and inform key business players on the latest developments, best management practices and ultimately bridge any gaps to achieving transparency and business excellence.

    We focus on a wide range of topics from investment and market trends, through to skills in development and the latest technical innovations. In addition, we offer useful insights into the daily operations of leading businesses and organisations around the world.


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    Read Latest Digital Edition

    Oil & Gas Issue 3 2016

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  • Industry Focus Oil & Gas magazine is an international magazine dedicated to onshore oil & gas construction and offshore operations..

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